A first… (of many)

A first… (of many)

‘First, we crushed them with the tracks of our Rhinos. Then, with our armoured boots. Wasn’t a lot left to use the bolters on after that….’ Brother Trolte, 2nd Tactical Squad, 4th Company, Forgotten Brothers.

Hey there,

Well as the title hints, I have finally finished my first 40k vehicle, Ever!!!

Sorry about the hazy picture. Don’t know what happened.

So there she is. 4th companies 1st squad rhino. I’m really happy with how it turned out and actually found that I really enjoyed painting the rhino. I never overly liked the idea of painting vehicles just based on sheer size and what I felt was a lack of personalisation. But now that it is finished, combined with the hours of tutorials, I have discovered with all these techniques that personalisation of a vehicle is really easy to do and a really, really fun exercise.

Applying mud effects. Hit it with a coat of ‘Ardcoat after it dried.


I was originally going to do a step by step guide as to how I painted and textured the Rhino, but I decided against that because I really feel and want anyone who hasn’t painted a vehicle yet for whatever reason (time, size, etc) to give it a go. Jump on Youtube or google and search up vehicle painting. Also, don’t limit yourself just to the 40k universe. There is a lot of techniques that people use for scale models (tanks, planes, etc) that I haven’t really seen in the modelling hobby before. So fear not my companions!!

Forward always!!!!


So please, PLEASE go out there and venture into the unknown. Try something new that you haven’t tried before and you just might surprise yourself with how good it turns out.

As always, have a good one everyone!!

(p.s. still working on a catch phrase.)

Always love natural light on my models.

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