A new beginning…

A new beginning…

Hey everyone!!!

Welcome to my new blog and hobby posting page. Over the next however long, I will be posting blogs and pictures of myself working through the ongoing hobby projects I have. Feel free to leave comments and and suggestions wherever you wish! ūüôā

Have a great one guys and gals, first  article coming soon!!

A first… (of many)

A first… (of many)

‘First, we crushed them with the tracks of our Rhinos. Then, with our armoured boots. Wasn’t a lot¬†left to use the bolters on after that….’¬†Brother Trolte, 2nd Tactical Squad, 4th Company, Forgotten Brothers.

Hey there,

Well as the title hints, I have finally finished my first 40k vehicle, Ever!!!

Sorry about the hazy picture. Don’t know what happened.

So there she is. 4th companies 1st squad rhino. I’m really happy with how it turned out and actually found that I really enjoyed painting the rhino. I never overly liked the idea of painting vehicles just based on sheer size and what I felt was a lack of personalisation. But now that it is finished, combined with the hours of tutorials, I have discovered with all these techniques that personalisation of a vehicle is really easy to do and a really, really fun exercise.

Applying mud effects. Hit it with a coat of ‘Ardcoat after it dried.


I was originally going to do a step by step guide as to how I painted and textured the Rhino, but I decided against that because I really feel and want anyone who hasn’t painted a vehicle yet for whatever reason (time, size, etc) to give it a go. Jump on Youtube or google and search up vehicle painting. Also, don’t limit yourself just to the 40k universe. There is a lot of techniques that people use for scale models (tanks, planes, etc) that I haven’t really seen in the modelling hobby before. So fear not my companions!!

Forward always!!!!


So please, PLEASE go out there and venture into the unknown. Try something new that you haven’t tried before and you just might surprise yourself with how good it turns out.

As always, have a good one everyone!!

(p.s. still working on a catch phrase.)

Always love natural light on my models.
Old ideas, new beginnings…

Old ideas, new beginnings…

‘From the deepest, darkest reaches of the universe, I can still hear their accursed screams for the blood of the Emperor. My only response will be from the bolters of my brothers and the cries of our devotion to the God-Emperor!’ ¬†–¬†Brother Holnrick, Chapter Chaplain, Forgotten Brothers.

Hellooooo and welcome to my first blog post! What an awesome time to start this at. The new edition of Warhammer 40k has dropped, which means new rules all round. Been watching a lot of videos leading up to this week and wow, what a lot of information to take in. New layouts. New models. Just all around great times. But, as there is always a but and you all will see me say it an awful lot. Unfortunately, I am not one of those lucky enough to get a pre-order drop. So as such, I will be a little behind the 8-ball on the new rules and gameplay, mainly just getting information when and where I can from fellow hobbyists. In saying that, I  will be trying to post as much as I humanly can about my adventures with the hobby in general and a few other systems as they arise. That said,

That said, let us get into a few things about myself and what I will be doing over the course of the foreseeable future.

As some of you know my name is Jared. I have a Youtube channel that I post things on when it’s easier than posting pictures (lack of tech funding slows me down there). I am a father to a beautiful 2-year-old boy. A husband to an extremely patient wife. I am studying a degree in psychological science, primarily orientated around helping people understand what is happening in their mind during the course of suffering from addiction. (A lot¬†of it kinda dry but there are some really interesting research projects and articles out there). I console game on a fairly regular basis with my wife and we do a lot of online multiplayer orientated first person shooters. And last but not least, I am an avid model builder and painter. I started almost 15 years ago with a 1965 Mustang GT hardtop that I still have at my mothers somewhere. I first came into wargaming about 13 years ago when I played my first game, and ironically last, of Warhammer 40k 3rd edition at my local Games Workshop. I never really had enough friends that got involved in the hobby to make to much of an amateur career in wargaming, but I fell in love with the models,¬†the imagery and lore. I have owned and painted ever since then. Till now…

‘But Jared, what do you mean “till now”?’.

Ah yes, I am glad you asked. This year is the year. The overall plan is to have a fully painted, based and playable army by the end of the year!!! Which means also, learning the new 8th edition rule set and entering the playing field of semi-competitive wargaming!!!! (EXCITING!, no?!)

The second half of the plan, that will use this as a base platform, is to launch my Forgotten Brothers Chapter into the spotlight. ‘But what does that mean?’.¬†It means I am crazy as all get out and have a dream. Hopefully, if all goes well on the hobby side of things as well as all the lore, fluff and imagery I will be bringing to all of you. I am hoping that one of the servo skulls belonging to the Inquisition detachment that resides inside the Games Workshop fortress will see all this and the Forgotten Brothers Chapter will be officially recognised, by Games Workshop, and welcomed into 40k history/lore.

Call me crazy (and I know they will), but that is the honest truth. That is the dream and with the help and support of the community, who knows what could happen when we collectively come together to pool resources and achieve a goal.


For now, my friends, that is all the information that I will share as I do have to leave some things as a surprise.

Have fun and I will see you out there!!!

(p.s. still trying to come up with an awesome catch phrase.)